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Popular Herbal Eye Creams for Eye Wrinkles

October 5th, 2012

The skin which surrounds the eyes is sensitive and thin, as it produces lesser amounts of protective oil compared to skin which may be found anywhere else in the body. Allergies, rubbing of tired eyes, too much sun exposure, and age may leave the skin on the area wrinkled, and poor diet or lack of sleep may lead to accumulation of fluid and puffy, unattractive areas under the eyes. Several of the most excellent eye creams have herbal ingredients which are believed to reduce puffiness, smooth wrinkles, and soothe irritation.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Cream

According to reviews from a consumer product website called Bestcovery, the Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Eye Cream is the third most excellent cream to reduce puffy eyes and it is the number one botanical cream. It is originally made from Australia and may be acquired from purveyors of beauty products like and Sephora. The Herbal Recovery Eye Cream has safflower oil extracts for moisturizing and soybean oil. Manufacturers have also added herbal and floral extracts in order to decrease eye puffiness, nourish the skin with potent antioxidants, and soothe irritated areas. Some of these extracts are black elder, daisy, chicory, cucumber, aloe, eyebright, arnica, violet, licorice, rose, chamomile, and marshmallow.

Zihr Restore

The Zihr Restore has been getting high ratings from consumers, both female and male, because it is one of the few creams which are marketed and made specifically for men at beauty magnate Sephora. This product works effectively as it has cucumber extracts to retain and attract moisture which normally builds up in the fragile undereye areas. Extracts from caffeine are also being utilized to reduce puffiness which results from fluid accumulation and stimulate blood circulation. It also contains chamomile extract which will work to counter redness and irritation. Zirh Restore is popular for its trademark pine extract, the Pycnogenol. This is a kind of antioxidant acquired from pine barks which work at improving the capacity of the red blood cells to carry oxygen and strengthen the capillaries, giving your skin the necessary nutrients to produce elastin and collagen. These proteins help the skin heal and rejuvenate while staying youthful looking and firm.

Eminence Herbal Eye Contour Cream

According to independent reviews from, the Eminence Herbal Eye Contour Cream ranks as the number four of the 16 most rated eye creams. When it comes to herbal creams, it holds the top spot in the list. The great thing about it is it does not only have herbal extracts because similar to the skin care products from Eminence, it is handmade and certified organic, free from sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. The Eminence Herbal Eye Contour Cream is made from corn germ oil with jasmine flower extracts to nourish your skin, marigold to hydrate and sooth, and St. John’s wort to fight off wrinkles. With the help of coenzyme Q10, and vitamins A, E, C, the herbal extracts are given an extra boost. Experts recommend it for use around the eyes to combat tired and mature-looking skin.

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