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Why Choose Stretch Mark Creams over Laser Treatment

May 30th, 2012

It is a fact that stretch mark is one problem most common to people who have suddenly lost or gained weight, or pregnant women. In the event you have experienced any of the aforementioned, then, you shouldn’t really be surprised why you have to deal with stretch marks.

In any of those instances, the adrenal glands of the body increase the production of glucocorticoids.  Due to the increased glucocorticoids, the elastin and the collagen of the skin are torn; this results to the formation of stretch marks. Apparently, the main cause of stretch marks is hormone.

So, in order for it to be eradicated, the treatment must involve the reversion of the hormones. Apart from that, the treatment will not be about removal but about reducing the visibility of the marks. Beyond the shadow of doubt, the most common ways to reduce or conceal stretch marks these days are laser treatment and stretch mark creams. Which one should you go for?

Expensive Laser Treatments

Although there is no denying that laser treatments really work, they are really pricey. A single visit to the doctor who will do the laser treatment can make you unload as much as 1200 USD per session. If your stretch marks are really severe, you may have to visit your doctor 6 times for a laser treatment.

That’s a lot of money! Furthermore, a lot of people who have opted for laser treatment to have their stretch marks removed complained of swelling and bruising after the treatment.

Why Go for Stretch Mark Cream and Lotions

As already stated, the costly laser treatments only reduce the visibility of stretch marks because stretch marks are primarily caused by the increase in the glucocorticoids that cause the elastin and the collagen of the skin to be torn. So, why would you go for it? It will not be a practical choice.

So, the best thing that you can do is to resort to stretch mark creams or lotions. Although the market is flooded with many stretch mark creams and lotions that really work, it can’t be denied that Mederma and TriLastin are the two brands that are trusted by many.

Mederma, contains onion extract which has been proven for lightening the appearance of the marks. On the other hand, TriLastin has ingredients such as peptides, antioxidants, and proteins that also work well in reducing the appearance of the stretch marks. This brand is even endorsed by Tyra Banks!

Stretch marks are more of a beauty concern than a health concern. It really doesn’t matter if stretch mark creams and lotions cannot remove them. They won’t kill you anyways.

Nonetheless, stretch mark creams can provide the illusion that they are not there. It is the same thing that the expensive laser treatments can do. So, why pay for the costly laser treatments if stretch mark creams or lotions can do the same job at a much, much lower cost?

If you go for stretch mark creams or lotions, you can deal with your stretch marks anytime and anywhere, painlessly, and without having to bore holes in your pocket.

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