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Home Remedies for Eye Wrinkles

November 3rd, 2011

Because the skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than the rest of the facial skin, it is not really surprising why it is very delicate and easily gets wrinkled.

Although there are many effective eye-wrinkle creams that are sold in the market today, the truth of the matter is they can be pricey.

If you are beset with the eye-wrinkle problems, and you have limited finances, you don’t have to spend much in order for you to deal with the eye wrinkles.

With the many materials in your kitchen that you can use to remedy your eye wrinkles, you can look a lot younger without having to spend anything or that much.


While avocado is good as a salad, do you know that it is good at improving the wrinkles around your eyes, too? Yes, it is! This is because this fruit is rich in natural oils that can moisturize and nourish the skin.

After all, the primary reason why wrinkles easily develop around this part of the face is because of the lack of oil to moisturize it.

Coconut Oil

Another oil-rich solution that you can use to deal with your eye wrinkles is coconut oil. This oil is highly moisturizing. Applying it on the affected part religiously will make you see visible results in just a matter of weeks.


Contrary to what has been practiced by many people to deal with the eye wrinkles, cucumber slices are not as effective in dealing with eye wrinkles as cucumber juice.

So, in order for you to really benefit from cucumber as anti-eye wrinkle solution, make sure that you extract its juice first and apply it on the affected area with the use of a cotton ball.

Castor oil

With a few drops of castor oil that you massage around your eyes, especially the skin under them, you can actually slow down the development of eye wrinkles.

Castor oil has always been known for keeping the skin young-looking and smooth. However, make sure that you clean your face first before massaging the oil under your eyes.

Egg White

The unsightly wrinkles around the eyes can also be dealt with by using beaten egg whites. Egg whites are known for its property to tighten the skin.

If the skin is tight, the wrinkles become less visible. Nonetheless, this is only a temporary solution.

Grape Seed Oil

Just like the other kitchen things mentioned above, grape-seed oil can also be counted upon in reducing the fine lines under the eyes.

In fact, many beauty products these days contain grape-seed oil because it has been proven that this oil is effective in moisturizing and soothing the skin. Hence, what it can do to deal with eye wrinkles should never be doubted.

Freshly Used Tea Bags

Another thing that you can try in order to minimize the appearance of wrinkles under your eyes or the e eye bag themselves is freshly used tea bags. All you have to do is freeze them and placed them on the affected area.

Apart from reducing the fine lines and the eye bags, the process will also make you feel more relaxed.

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